Sunday, February 8, 2009

“Because Michael Phelps Got High"

Looks like the “Baltimore Bullet” shot himself in the foot. Or maybe just stubbed his toe. His career is hardly up in smoke, and there’s clearly no need to demonize Michael Phelps. Of course, we can still make fun of him. In my opinion, the REAL bad guy is the creep that went public with the picture. (Then again, if it weren’t for creeps like him, creeps like ME wouldn’t have the chance to write parodies about Michael Phelps.) The bottom line is a superhuman swimmer reminded us all he’s really human after all. The good news is, now he can run for President!!
In any case, there’s a lesson to be learned. Swimming is clearly a gateway sport to drugs. Parents, keep your kids out of the pool!!!

submit to reddit Hold onto your Speedo!! Olympic champion Michael Phelps is in hot water, and this musical parody takes a look at the scandal stroke for stroke, and toke for toke. (Special appearances by Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Willie Nelson, George Bush, Bill Clinton & Barack Obama.)

Lyrics: Bruce Hopman Vocals: Ross Hopman



Bilbo Baggins said...

I'm incredibly disappointed that your blog never yields any comments, nor do your YouTubes get any hits. You posted on Salon, which I appreciate, and this video was clever & well put together. I hope you don't get down on the fact that you're not a breakaway success yet. Please keep plugging away. There is nothing more depressing than channeling all your love & passion into something and it not getting recognition. Keep on rocking it. Vapin' out to you tonight! <3

Parody & Son said...

Thanks for your feedback. I must tell you, I was actually happy with the way things were going ...until I read your comment!! Here's the way I see it. First, I only know a couple hundred people. So when a couple thousand, or a few hundred thousand, see my stuff, I'm thrilled. I don't advertise or promote anywhere, so I'm not expecting much. As for channeling my love and passion into this, it's actually pretty easy work. And it's fun. I'd do it if NONBODY watched them. Of course, since you feel so bad for me, now you must comment on every video AND try to get everyone you know to watch and comment on them!! Thanks again...

Anonymous said...

Nice job Bruce. Nice back handed compliment Biblo.