Tuesday, December 23, 2008

“All-Star Jailhouse Rock”

When it rains it pours ... I’m in the middle of working on my Holiday Parody, thinking it will be the last one in ’08, when BAM!! O.J. Simpson gets sentenced. The auto industry is on life support. And as if that’s not enough, this governor with really funny hair and an equally funny name gets busted for trying to sell a Senate seat!! Really!?! And it’s all happening at the same time!?! It’s the perfect parody storm. I actually started writing a Detroit parody, but it was really depressing. But Blago and O.J. – they’re pretty laughable. One in jail, the other likely on his way. How could I resist? BTW, you can’t imagine the images that turned up when I was Googling “Prison Bitch” and “Prison Shower.” Or maybe you can...

submit to reddit Rod Blagojevich and O.J. Simpson lead an all-star cast in this musical parody salute to famous felons. Take a look and we think you’ll agree -- what we do to this Elvis classic is criminal! Special appearances by: Paris Hilton, Michael Vick, Martha Stewart, Jon Stewart & David Letterman.

Lyrics: B. Hopman Vocals: R. Hopman

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