Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I Crossed the Line"

This was hardly “The Summer of Love.” It seems everywhere you looked, people were crossing the line. Take Glenn Beck. Please. First he calls the President a socialist, a communist, a facist and a racist. Then as if that wasn’t enough name-calling, he throws in the N word. No, not that one. A Nazi. And just when you thought you knew where the line was, it moved even further. It’s no longer enough for Medicaire and Medicaid recipients to show up at Town Hall meetings ranting and raving about how they don’t want the government involved in health care. Now you have to show up with a gun! Is anyone really surprised that some of that Town Hall ‘tude found it’s way into Congress!?! When Rep. Joe Wilson lost it in a special joint session of congress, I thought maybe we’d seen it all. Then Serena Williams had an epic meltdown at the U.S. Open. And while I was waiting for one last act of outrageous behavior so I could finish my parody, the very next day Kayne West has yet another one of his tantrums at yet another award show. Throw in the ongoing saga of Gov.Mark Sanford and the unethical conduct of Michael Jackson’s doctor, and they can make beautiful music together…

submit to reddit Some of the most outrageous behavior of the last few months comes together in one outburst-packed musical parody. It’s the “Best of the Worst,” all set to the music of Johnny Cash -- no stranger to crossing the line himself.

Lyrics: Bruce Hopman Vocals: Ross Hopman
Music Edit: Blast, NYC