Monday, January 18, 2010

"Jersey Shore (A Love/Hate Song)"

Two questions come to mind when I watch MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” Why am I watching this? And why can’t I stop watching this? As if New Jersey hasn’t been maligned enough already, did the Garden State really need this? Not exactly a promotional video for the Tourism Department, is it? And to make matters worse, most of the cast isn’t even from Jersey!! Well, I am from Jersey. So I’m allowed to make fun of Jersey. You are not. Unless you’re from there. That’s just the way it works. Hey, I don’t make the rules...

submit to reddit A musical parody tribute to the show you love to hate. Or hate to love. Or both. If you thought there wasn’t anything left to make fun of New Jersey about, think again! Set to the music of a song made popular by none other than Jersey's own "Boss."
Lyrics: Bruce Hopman Vocals: Ross Hopman

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