Monday, October 12, 2009

"Healthcare Fighting (Kung Fu Mix)"

It looks like the battle over healthcare reform is winding down. Soon we’ll have a bill. Well, that went smoothly. Just like we learned in Civics class. Except for all the screaming and yelling. And misinformation. And finger pointing. If there’s one thing we learned from healthcare reform it’s that we need some serious lobbying reform. All the money that was spent on those pro-reform and anti-reform ads that flooded the airwaves could’ve insured countless people. But who knows. Maybe what they say is true: “Laughter is the best medicine.” In that case, we need a “Parody Option.” Everyone is eligible. No forms to fill out. And unlike your current health plan, our parodies are free – no co-pay required…

submit to reddit See your favorite political heavy-hitters fight it out over healthcare reform – Kung Fu style!! After months of healthcare bickering and bitterness, this musical parody is just what the doctor ordered.

Lyrics: Bruce Hopman Vocals: Ross Hopman
Audio Engineer: Jeff Vacca

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Al Lenny said...


I liked your latest so much that I actually established a Google account so I could make this post, and I hate establishing accounts.

Anyway, it is right on target - especially your editorial. Ross is in good voice and I approve of the absence of swear words.

Thank you for NOT showing Glenn Beck shirtless.

unc Al