Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Who Are You?" (VP Mix)

Experience (or lack of it) aside, there’s certainly something different about the Republican VP nominee. I mean, she’s kinda hot. You know, in a Lynda Carter Wonder Woman-ish let down your hair and take off your glasses naughty librarian kind of way. Of course, I guess she really doesn’t have a lot of competition when you compare her to the likes of Joe Lieberman, Bob Dole, Bush the First or Geraldine Ferraro for that matter. Even though John Edwards was kinda cute. But I digress…
Looks like Sarah Palin is turning into quite a star for the Republican party, dare I say – a celebrity (which until last week they said was a bad thing. But I guess it’s okay now.) She’s SO big, she even has her own music video…

A couple of years ago, she could get you out of a parking ticket in Wasilla, and now she’s on the Republican Presidential ticket!?! It may sound like the sequel to “Being There,” but this ain’t no movie! Sarah Palin stars in this real life rags-to-possible-riches musical parody. Co-starring Bill Maher.

Lyrics: Bruce Hopman Vocals: Ross Hopman
Music Edited by: Blast, NYC

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Anonymous said...

Bruce you have done it again!!! Love it, now you can goof on her gun toting pro life ideology too!!! See you in hurricane country.......Mad