Friday, April 10, 2009

“Goin’ to the C.P.A (The Tax Song)”

When I was thinking about what to say about taxes, I came across so many great quotes I figured I’d let others do the talking for once. Everyone knows what Benjamin Franklin said about death and taxes being the only certainties in life. But I like what Will Rogers said better: the only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets. While an unknown author said of life's two certainties, there’s only one for which you can get an automatic extension. Ronald Regan had a good one too. He said the taxpayer was someone who worked for the federal government, but didn’t have to take the Civil Service exam. Former Louisiana Senator Russell B. Long said a tax loophole is "something that benefits the other guy. If it benefits you, it is tax reform.'' And former Secretary of the Treasury William Simon said, “The nation should have a tax system that looks like someone designed it on purpose. “ This is good stuff. Albert Einstein said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” How great is that!?! There’s an old Jewish proverb that says taxes are one of the only things that can grow without rain. Another unknown author said people who complain about taxes can be divided into two classes: men and women. But my favorite quote was attributed to another unknown author who said, ”Did you ever notice that when you put the words "THE" and "IRS" together, it spells "THEIRS?" I mean, I can write parodies, but this stuff is priceless…
submit to reddit Why just complain about paying taxes when you can SING about complaining about paying taxes?!? Follow the tale of a typical taxpayer who tells the I.R.S. to K.M.A!! WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.
Lyrics: Bruce Hopman Vocals: Ross Hopman