Wednesday, March 11, 2009

“Can’t Keep On Making More Babies”

You gotta love that OctoMom. Six kids at home, eight more in the hospital, and she still finds time to hire a publicist. And fire a publicist. And hire another publicist. And fire them, too. (The last one said, “She was nuts,” like you didn’t already know.) Of course, like all parents, now she’ll have to make sacrifices. She might have to get a job -- so she can maintain her Botox treatments. As for the calls to 9-1-1, I’m not saying anyone couldn’t misplace their kid now and then. But if she lost track when she had 6, what’s going to happen with 14!?!? It’s also been reported that Nadya hasn’t had sex in 8 years!! (Well, there’s something we both have in common.) The way I see it, it’ll be at least another 8 before she’s got a shot. With all those kids running around, she might not have time for dating…

submit to reddit She’s a mother of 14! She’s unemployed! She’s out of her mind! And now she’s the star of her own musical parody!! See “OctoMom” Nadya Suleman (as Angelina Jolie) in this cautionary tale of birth out-of-control.
Lyrics: Bruce Hopman Vocals: Ross Hopman

It’s hard to believe it was just about one year ago that Elliot Spitzer dropped his drawers in a Washington Hotel room, and I found a new hobby. (That maybe doesn’t sound so good. I meant this whole musical parody thing.) My, how time flies when you’re making fun of people. Back then, Parody & Son was a two man operation working out of my study. Now, a full year later, I sometimes work out of my kitchen. But our commitment to creating classic capsules of current events (and my love for alliteration) remains the same. Our thanks to Elliot Spitzer, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the financial industry, the airline industry, the oil industry, Michael Phelps, O.J. Simpson, Rod Blagojevich, Jim McGreevey, A-Rod, Christie Brinkley, OctoMom, John McCain, and John McCain. (We really have to thank him more than once.) And of course, thanks to all the blog subscribers, FaceBook group members and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people who have viewed our parodies.